Stefan Pschernig-WANDERER

Stefan is the CEO of City Vision.


He grew up in Klagenfurt and studied journalism at the Alpen-Adria university.

As an allrounder he had many professions so far - including optician and visionary in the foreign service.





David Maier

David is an independent artist and designer.

He grew up in Klagenfurt and studied architecture and graphic design in Vienna.


As co-founder of City Vision, he is primarily responsible for the design and the artistic concept of our city maps.


Multimedia support



Johannes Tamegger

Johannes is working with film, audio and applications

He grew up in Feldkirchen and studied audio engineering at the SAE institute in Vienna.

Due to his experience in the implementation of multimedia ideas, he is the project manager of the City Vision Applications and is responsible for the support of the customer presentation in the application.



Grafik design


2014-06-01 12.03.11.jpg


Coco is a young, creative graphic designer and visual communicator. She grew up on Carinthia's countryside and recently graduated in Communication Design at Kingston University London.

She takes responsibility for the creative part, with an emphasize on the visual representation and design to make our maps unique.


Team Ljubljana



Andreja Rudaš

Andreja is our project manager for Slovenian cities.

She works as a teacher and tour guide in Ljubljana.




Team Graz


Foto Steffi.JPG


Stefanie is our sales manager for Graz.

She grew up in Graz and studied geography.

Stefanie spends her free time with yoga, running, football and travelling




Johannes Maier

Johannes is our project manager for Graz.

He grew up in Klagenfurt and now he studies etnology and cultural anthropology in Graz.

Johannes passions are punkrock, hockey, arts and travelling. 





Fabian is our project manager for Linz.

He grew up in the Upper Austrian countryside. Then he went to school and worked in Linz for 9 years. After that he decided to move to London to make his Masters degree in Graphic & Communication Design at Kingston University. In 2016 he moved back to Linz to work as a graphic designer. Besides his passion for design he likes to do sport as well as going out and meeting friends.




Anna grew up in the Austrian flatlands. After studying and working in Graz she decided to move to Salzburg – and since then loves her new home in the middle of beautiful mountains and lakes. Anna is a designer with a strong focus on sustainability and has her own screenprinting workshop in Hallein. She loves the ocean and tries to spend every free time travelling and catching some waves.



flagge österreich.jpg





Bettina is our project manager in Innsbruck..

She grew up in a small village on the Carinthian countryside and moved to Innsbrooklyn (the capital of the alps) 14 years ago due to her passion for sports, the mountains and the outdoors in general, most of all for snowboarding. She has got a bachelor degree in Marketing and Communications Management. Ever since she loved working with people from different backgrounds, so she spent the main part of her professional life working in the tourism sector in hotels, bars, marketing, events and account management. She is full of energy, sarcasm and always curious to explore and learn new things.